Collaborating with UNICEF: next month's CBM summit on fixing world's maths

Fixing maths education is becoming ever more central to individual life-chances and our societal needs.

So I am very pleased that we're able to collaborate with UNICEF on our 3rd CBM summit, holding it at their headquarters in New York City on November 21-22.


That collaboration means a few things. Firstly, it demonstrates UNICEF's recognition of maths as crucial to improving the lives of all children, and particularly in the sort of developing countries in which UNICEF's role is central. Great credit to UNICEF and Chris Fabian (their Innovation unit chief) for being so proactive in getting this. Secondly it will broaden horizons on CBM, by bringing new groups into the action-plan, shaping the outcomes we're trying to achieve and the reality of deployment in many different environments.

I am really looking forward to this summit and also how it will push us to get some "in gestation" projects ready. Look out for a new visualisation of the maths process, what's currently a 10-dimensional outcome tree and demos of draft Estonian CBM modules amongst many outside contributions.

This promises to be a unique gathering for fixing the world's maths education--not to mention your country's, state's or industry's. Policy-makers and key maths education voices: please come! Or suggest who should :-).