How Significant is Significance Arithmetic?

How Significant is Significance Arithmetic?

Central to our mission at is thinking through from first principles what's important and what's not to the application of maths in the real, modern, computer-based world. This is one of the most challenging aspects of our project: it's very hard to shake off the dogma of our own maths education and tell whether something is for now and the future, or if really it's for the history of maths.

This week's issue is significance arithmetic, similar to what you might know from school as significant figures. The idea is when you do a calculation not just a single value but bounds that represent the uncertainty of your calculation too are calculated. You can get an idea of how accurate your answer is or indeed if it has any digits of accuracy at all.

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Rebuilding platform at a time

We've just released Wolfram Finance Platform with a simple aim: take all the experience we've built up in computation and as a development platform from other areas--whether biology, knowledge or rocket science---and apply it in finance.

It's amazing how little cross-pollination there is between computational areas. Each area has largely had systems with their own lingo and customs and only the types of computation with which they have become familiar.

We can do a simple demo of graph layout of stock correlation to a group of financial engineers and they are impressed. Well, we do have a very nice implementation, but the algorithms are well established and standard fitment in areas like social network analysis.


Finance is clearly an area where the analytics needs rebuilding, particularly for risk. In truth, it's a mixture between questionable analysis and antiquated reporting. So it's not just straight computation we're talking here either. It's high-level language, instant interactive reporting and linguistic interfaces to name a few. But what it really needs is the coherence of having an all-in-one system with intelligent automation that builds trust.

This is just the start of taking Mathematica technology and doing much deeper deployment in finance and other, different verticals.