Conrad in the Media: Selected Interviews and Articles

Artificial intelligence education transforms, Hurriyet, May 11, 2019

Education in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, DHA, May 11 2019

Fundamentally Fixing Math Education, Rotary E-club of Silicon Valley, April 2019

Curriculum Changes Key in Utilizing Classroom Technology, EdTech Magazine
August 25 2016

Computers in Math Education, American Mathematical Society Blogs
May 26 2016

School Math is the Wrong Subject,
May 2 2016

Los alumnos que huían de las matemáticas (Students Fleeing Mathematics), El País (in Spanish)
April 25 2016

Have we gotten math education all wrong? Interview with Rod Berger, Huffington Post
April 11 2016

Conversation with Conrad Wolfram, Founder of ComputerBasedMath, TalkSTEM
March 22 2016

How Technology Is Changing Modern Knowledge Demands, The TeachThought Podcast
March 11 2016

Latvian Future Education Strategy Discussion and Debate, LTV Latvian Public TV
November 25  2015

Maths education: western policy makers look to Asia, Finanical Times
November 3 2015

Conrad Wolfram chats about the future of Maths in Further Education, FE News
October 23 2015

A profile of Conrad Wolfram and how the BBC Microbit will inspire a new generation, BBC South Today
September 14 2015

Geek of the Week: Conrad Wolfram, Interview with Richard Morris
Feb 6 2015

Is Technology Making Us Stupid?, Informilo
January 18 2015

The ants in China's maths kingdom, The Sunday Times
February 23 2014

Teaching mathematics. Time for a ceasefire, The Economist
Feb 1 2014

Maths lessons? Let computers do tricky stuff, The Times
Dec 28 2013

Education: practical maths in schools is a forumla for future success, The Guardian
Dec 29 2013

Mathematics - Get metaphysical, urges maths guru,
November 15 2013

Closing Gap Between Modern Life and Math Curriculum, The New York Times
Feb 10 2013

The Future of Maths, Future Tense, Radio National, Australia
Nov 11 2012

Conrad Wolfram on why we need to recalculate maths teaching in schools, Wired
January 26 2012

Listing - The Observer Britain's 50 New Radicals - with NESTA

Thinking Forward: Conrad Wolfram on the Computational Knowledge Economy, HPC Wire
Jan 12 2012

Making Science Leap From the Page, The New York Times
Dec 17 2011

The BBC Microcomputer and me, 30 years down the line BBC Technology News
Dec 1 2011

iPads are in, cursive is out (and other education trends), The Globe and Mail
Nov 30 2011

Revolutionizing Math Education: speaks with Conrad Wolfram
March 2011

Doing the Math with Conrad Wolfram,  
Dec 10 2010

How Conrad Wolfram is bringing maths to the masses, Wired
Nov 24 2010

Are Bing and WolframAlpha catching up with Google in search engine battle?, The Guardian
January 25 2010

More than just another Google,  
Sept 2 2009

Anthony Doesburg: Wolfram promises new way to probe the web, The Independent  
June 1 2009

A computational knowledge engine for factual queries, The Hindu
May 25 2009

Bericht: Wolfram Alpha öffnet Datenbestände für externe Entwickler,  
August 31 2009

Introducing the 'sat-nav' maths exam, Channel 4 News   
July 9 2009

Changing the world with technical computing, Scientific Computing World   
July 2004

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